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Empowering Lives through Community-Based Occupational Therapy

Adapt OT provide tailored solutions for adults living in North East Tasmania with physical disability or neurodegenerative conditions.

Assistive technology

Home Modifications

Home and Living Supports

Our team

Our occupational therapists have extensive experience supporting clients within the health and disability sector. Respecting that everyone is different, we prioritise understanding the unique challenges being faced by each client and tailor our services to the individual’s needs.

Our strong focus on collaborative working allows clients to benefit from the shared knowledge of both the Adapt OT team and partner organisations. This can be invaluable in achieving outcomes and gives a reassuring depth to the service we offer for those with complex needs.

We stay informed of changes within the NDIS and support you in navigating complex funding systems.

Meet our exceptional team and discover how we can make a difference in your life.

Why do clients choose Adapt OT?

Client outcome focused

Empowering lives through personalised solutions.


Building trust, fostering growth, transforming lives.


Embracing diversity, honouring individuality in every therapeutic journey.


Building knowledge and understanding for effective solutions.


Embracing possibilities for brighter futures.


Delivering excellence through expertise and continuous learning.

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